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This Week: Feedback Sessions—How to help clients find their best fit
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The MBTI® Manual indicates that approximately 70 to 80 percent of people will agree with all 4 letters of their reported type, but what happens if you're working with someone outside of that group who has questions about one or more of their reported letters?

To help you with unsure clients, here are some facilitation Do's and Don'ts from Sally Carr's Finding the Fit:

Let clients know that it's perfectly reasonable to end a feedback session without reaching clarity about all (or any) of their preferences

Ensure that the exploration process is driven by the client's desire for clarity rather than your own

Find out if the client feels they "should" or "shouldn't identify with a certain preference, and see if they have any unanswered questions about the dichotomies


Bias type descriptions toward or against your own type

Bias type descriptions toward the type reported by the client's assessment results

Assume your personal experiences of type are typical (be sure to check with others)

Use single "deciding" examples to push a client to reach closure (i.e. S/N "How do you cook?")

For more information, check out these additional resources:

 Tips from the Myers & Briggs Foundation about finding best fit type

CPP Connect blog about the importance of finding the best fit type

Remember, type exploration can be a long process, so don't worry if it takes awhile for a particular client to decide their true type. Some of the richest and most enlightening conversations about the MBTI take place when preferences aren't immediately clear.

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