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BLOG DIRECTORY: Managing Your Transition Home

BLOG DIRECTORY: Managing Your Transition Home

The “Managing Your Transition Home” blog series will explore how returning soldiers often feel different from colleagues or fellow job seekers from the civilian world, and how many wonder how they will find work that will give them the sense of adventure, excitement, meaning, and purpose that they had while serving.

As we continue this journey and continue to post the blogs from this series, you can check back to this blog directory to find them all in one central place.

Written by Elizabeth and Katherine Hirsh

  1. Managing Your Transition Home
  2. Creating Your Own Career Script
  3. Zeroing in on Your Work Values
  4. Use MBTI® Language to Find Your Fit in the Civilian World
  5. Getting the Information You Need to Make Better Reintegration Decisions
  6. Framing Your Reintegration Process to Suit Your Needs
  7. Taking Charge of Change
  8. Finding Your Rhythm After Service
  9. Leveraging Your Style to Manage Stress and Gain Perspective
  10. Self-Care: Doing Your Best Requires Being Your Best
  11. Returning to Work: Enhancing the Relationship with Self and Others
  12. Reconnecting to Loved Ones: Strengthening Personal Commitments


Elizabeth and Katherine Hirsh are coauthors of several publications, including Introduction to Type® and Teams, MBTI® Teambuilding Program: Leader’s Resource Guide, Introduction to Type® and Decision Making, and the MBTI® Decision-Making Style Report.

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