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Worrying About Worrying

Worrying About Worrying

When I went through certification on the Step III™ (no, not Step I™ or Step II™) assessment a few years back, I worried that the report would show that I worry too much. I was a bit surprised when I read, “You seem to do some worrying or become preoccupied about things some of the time.” In others words, I worry about as much as most people…not more and not less.

I spent a lot of time today reflecting on a passage that was given to me by my spiritual director related to how much we can and cannot control in life. Recalling the MBTI® Step IIITM assessment led me to consider, “Do we all worry too much?” I worry about things I cannot change or have no business worrying about. Why spend so much time worrying about so many things? I have always been given more than enough. What makes me think that one day that will change?

Worrying does not add to the span of my life. Instead, it takes away from the moment I’m in and away from the time to come.

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