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Who Needs More Than the Day I Had Today?

Who Needs More Than the Day I Had Today?

The second day of our retreat is nearing its end. I feel like I’m getting into the routine, including the different noises, the etiquette of being silent, and so on. The daily walks and nap I know I could get accustomed to back in the “real” world.

I haven’t written much about the food. While not fancy, it is as tasty as any I eat when on a business trip. There is also plenty of it. Today I ate a pancake for the first time in about a year—delicious. The Mexican food at lunch was better than at any restaurant near where I live. I’m picky about Mexican food since I grew up with the best—thanks Mom! Tonight for dinner we had meatloaf (both the traditional kind and a very good soy version) with mashed potatoes, broccoli, salad, and dessert. The dining staff move about quietly just like us. I wonder if they find it odd; the whole silence thing. They must be used to it by now.

It’s a warm night. The rooms have no air conditioning, so my window is open and the ceiling fan is on. There is a sense of calm outside and inside. Who needs more than the day I had today? Good night.

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