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What Lunch?

What Lunch?

I barely have time to grab a plate and find a quiet spot to get ready for the next event. The next event by the way, I get to moderate. I’m usually fine being in front of a group of people, though I have to say it is easier for me to present in front of strangers than in front of my CPP colleagues. On top of that, I’m not really presenting—I’m moderating. The session is titled “Expert Panel: Global Challenges Addressed by the MBTI® Tool.” I have four panelists, and we have only 55 minutes to cover a very meaty and relevant topic.

Leading up to the conference I’ve had several correspondences and even a phone meeting with the panelists, but still it is hard to know exactly how it will go once we are all up on stage. Training and moderating are two very different animals. My role as moderator is to avoid being the center of attention while trying to keep things moving and on topic so that each panelist is heard and attendees can engage with him or her. I’ve been on panels before and I use that experience to avoid things I don’t like and to use things I do. For example, I’m not a fan of having a table for panelists to sit behind, which tends to separate or block out the audience instead of bringing them into the discussion. Also, I prefer to encourage questions throughout the session, but considering the short time frame this could get tricky. How much should I intervene? Do I allow questions in between each panelist or keep them to the end? Should I interview panelists individually with questions so they can respond, or give them a topic within the overall topic and just let them go? Ahhh! So much to think about. Stay tuned to learn how it went…

If you would like more information on the 2016 MBTI® Users Conference, click here.

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