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Walking and Hopping

Walking and Hopping

After a wonderful mid-afternoon nap, I set out for the labyrinth to take a prayer/meditation walk. But I seemed particularly distracted by everything around me, from a small plane that kept flying back and forth to a Journey cover song wafting in from an outdoor concert nearby. Eventually I was able to find some peace as I found my way to the entrance of the labyrinth. I took a step in and immediately sank, not remembering the slope despite my two prior visits. I turned back and caught out of the corner of my eye a doe staring right at me, about a half a football field away. It just stood there staring at me, then took off to the right, almost like it was calling me, “Come see.” So, I did. Exiting the labyrinth, I walked over softly, slowly, as not to startle the doe. Then as I approached I saw what she saw: two fawns. They popped out of nowhere with ears as big as their head. What to do? I started to dance, and they just stared at me until I stumbled on a rock and they jumped and ran. Luckily, they stopped nearby and we all relaxed. Peace was with me. It was very nice.

After my walk, I joined Kevin for afternoon mass. Getting to look into other retreatants’ eyes and say, “Peace be with you,” was actually thrilling. If you are going to use any words with another person on a silent retreat, what perfect words to use. I also enjoyed the singing, though I’m not sure everyone around me would say the same. I love to sing but have been told by my own mother that singing is not one of my gifts. Leaving the chapel, I felt such joy and wanted so much to exclaim it out loud. Instead, I swung my arms and hopped just a little. I few people looked over, so I stopped.

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