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Following the keynote by Josh Bersin, conference attendees had a choice of sessions to attend. Sharon Richmond, an executive coach and organizational change consultant, was delivering a session titled “We Get the Leaders We Deserve,” and my colleague Catherine Rains was delivering another session on “Tapping Into the Persuasive Powers of the MBTI® Function Pairs.” How could I choose? Both sessions were very well attended, so I just walked into the room where I saw a seat, which happened to be Catherine’s room.

If you have never attended a workshop by Catherine, then I suggest you do. She and I have trained together, and I always enjoy sharing ideas and learning from her. The function pairs (ST, SF, NF, NT) were a very hot topic during the conference and a subject I would touch on in my session the next day. This was just the start. Catherine shared her session with Ed Hidalgo from Qualcomm, and from both of them we learned about the influencing power of each function pair. Ed shared a case study showing how Qualcomm uses the function pairs during change initiatives. As I would expect from a session with Catherine, we all got to engage in learning tasks applying what we learned by trying to influence each other using the function pairs. Fun stuff!

If you would like more information on the 2016 MBTI® Users Conference, click here.

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