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Trait Versus Type

Trait Versus Type

I sometimes hear people say things like “I’m a big Extravert.” You already know from my previous post how I feel about using labels such as Extravert, Sensor, Feeler, and so on. Well, using words such as big, small, huge, weak, and so on, are also improper ways to describe a personality preference. We need to remember that the MBTI® tool describes dichotomous “either/or” preferences. It does not give us information about “how much” we are of one preference over another. Here’s a little rhyme I made up to help: “type is either/or, not less or more.”

Here’s an article that covers this topic thoroughly.


  1. Thank you for the clarification. I still find it useful to talk about situational behavior (not type) in the sense of “He shows huge Extraversion on this party, going around and talking to all people.” or “She shows weak Intuition when coming up with new ideas”.

    • I agree that we can talk about situational behavior this way as long as it is not about MBTI(R) results (PCI, PCC). Thanks for the comment.

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