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There’s More?

There’s More?

It’s not even noon and I’ve already found the conference helpful. The next two sessions had Cassa Hanon from The Walt Disney Company talking about collaboration in cross-generational and cross-geographical teams in one room—and my colleague Sherrie Haynie sharing how the MBTI® and FIRO® tools can be used together in another. The MBTI tool helps us understand our in-born preferences, while the FIRO tools identify our interpersonal needs. Sherrie did such a wonderful job that a few people felt compelled to sign up for the upcoming FIRO® Certification Program I’m facilitating this month. I’m not surprised. Sherrie is another trainer whom I admire and always learn from every time I get to see her.

In Cassa’s session, we learned about how the MBTI tool is being used at The Walt Disney Company with technology teams to increase communication and collaboration especially with employees who have Sensing and Thinking preferences. As you probably know, most people interested in using the MBTI tool have the opposite preferences. In fact, the most common preferences for people who are certified on the MBTI tool are ENFP. This means practitioners need to do a lot of flexing to help people understand the value of using the MBTI tool in work settings.

If you would like more information on the 2016 MBTI® Users Conference, click here.

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