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The first day

The first day

The first morning has come and gone in a flash. Now more relaxed, participants have placed their names on the MBTI® Type Table posted in the room. As I do the same, they are surprised to learn that I have a preference for Introversion, so I remind them that any type can do anything if the motivation is there.

My preferences for Intuition and Feeling lead me to do things that make a difference in people’s lives. While that may sound corny to some, it truly drives me to get out in front of people each week and share information about this amazingly life-altering tool.

While participants are at lunch, I take the time to ready the training room for our afternoon activities. Everyone will be up and about the rest of the day…no drowsy after-meal afternoon here! I also set up the teams of participants who will work together the next day providing MBTI feedback to each other (a future blog will have more details about this).

After a quick bite, I notice participants starting to wander back in little by little. We start and end the afternoon with one of my favorite activities, one that is perfect for just about everyone wanting to know how they can apply the MBTI instrument with their teams. It’s fun, informative, engaging… And now, time for the first exam. I give everyone a few minutes to review materials and ask any questions they have. I’ve provided a few “examinable moments” throughout the day to help participants focus on a few important points and I notice participants’ focus on those during their review.

After the exam, I go over each question and allow time for any needed discussion. That way, participants can get a clarification on the spot and know exactly how they are doing. Day 1 is now over, though I remain in the room in case anyone needs additional help.


  1. Love the blog, Michael! I look forward to seeing you and participating in October at a Seattle MBTI CP. Take care – Anne

    • Thanks Anne! I am so glad that you will be in CPP’s #MBTI(R) Certification Program in Seattle. It will be a great week. I’m looking forward to catching up with you also.

  2. Michael- This is really awesome! I find it as a nice way to start my day and be sure that I get at least a daily dose of MBTI to keep this material active in my gyruses. Keep up the outstanding work, my colleague and friend… Best


    • Thanks TJ! It is great to hear from you.

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