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Take a Deep Breath and Jump

Take a Deep Breath and Jump

The day is coming to an end. I met my spiritual director today. She was very kind, very considerate. After a day of silence I found myself feeling lonely. It was nice to get to talk to someone. She was so wonderful to talk to, which made it even more special.

The grounds of the retreat center offer lots of places to walk, pray, and meditate. While my preference for Introversion definitely makes sense, when it comes to taking in information, I do that in the extraverted world (extraverted Intuition is the auxiliary or second mental process for INFP). I’ve found it hard ever since I arrived last night not to explore possibilities out loud. Taking a deep breath and then watching what others are doing helped a lot today.

The day was spent reading, writing, walking, praying, eating, and napping. That’s a good day, though I’m not sure how eight days in a row will go. Kevin and I appear to be the only couple of any kind here. I’m aware of that and have made it a point not to give him too much eye contact. We give each other the occasional hand signal for “walk” or “eat,” but otherwise we are not communicating. Usually when we eat quietly, one of us has something to talk about (we both have a preference for Introversion and prefer to reflect before bringing up important topics). Here, everyone in the dining hall, and everywhere else, is completely quiet. Not a peep from anyone. It feels strange to hear only the clink of dishes. Someone whispered, “Excuse me,” as she was putting her dishes away before quickly looking down and moving away. That’s the most interaction I had with another retreatant, besides my spiritual director, since our silence began yesterday.

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