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Restless Sleep—Too Much Silence?

Restless Sleep—Too Much Silence?

I didn’t sleep well my first night here. My room was fine—I just didn’t sleep well. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t dream. In one dream I was in a room with several people. I was trying to sleep (in the dream), but they were all talking. I kept “shhh”-ing them. I wanted to say, “Be quiet,” but I felt like that would be violating my vow of silence. I then found myself in a small bed next to a large tree, and again people were nearby laughing and talking. Again, “Shhh!” from me. It didn’t help. It’s interesting that my first night of silence was filled with so much noise. It was all inside my head, and that can be the loudest noise of all.

I clearly need some quiet in my life. Let’s see if I get it.

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