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Relationships and Type

Relationships and Type

All types can be successful in a relationship with any other type. Also, research shows us that opposites do not necessarily attract.

It’s when couples learn to appreciate each other’s differences, and not try to change their partner to fit some preconceived notion, that their relationship has a chance to grow.

My next series includes ideas on how we can flex to the needs of our relationships. This does not mean trying to be someone different from who we are, rather that we need to honor what we bring to the table while also understanding the need to flex when the situation calls for it.

If you’re interested in taking the MBTI® assessment, visit When responding to the items, remember to answer as what is called your “shoes-off self.” That means you should try to shed the roles and expectations you have at work and at home and simply answer as yourself. Also, try to work quickly; if you can’t decide on a particular item, just go ahead and skip it.

Want to learn more about type and relationships? Join us for a free webinar on February 13, 2014: Ask an Expert: Exploring MBTI® Type Dynamics and Relationships

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