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Relationships and Type: If You Prefer Introversion

Relationships and Type: If You Prefer Introversion

Extraversion or Introversion: Where we get our energy

For those who prefer Introversion, it may at times feel uncomfortable and draining to go to social gatherings with a partner who prefers Extraversion. Try to agree to attending a certain number of events with your partner each month. Consider going in separate cars so you can leave early (but don’t use this as an excuse to leave too early). If you worry about not having anything to talk about, perhaps read the newspaper or check out some news websites before you go so you have topics at your disposal to bring up when you meet strangers. A participant at a recent MBTI® Certification Program suggested the following conversation tool called FORM:

F—“Where are you from?

O—“What organization do you work for, and what do you do?”

R—“What do you like to do for recreation…for fun?”

M—“Let me tell you something about me.” (At this point you may be more comfortable in sharing something about yourself.)

For both those who prefer Extraversion and those who prefer Introversion: set up a weekly talk with your partner where you each get five minutes to talk while the other person just listens. Work on just expressing what is on your mind when you are talking. Try to just listen (not thinking about what you are going to say when it is your turn to talk) and DO NOT interrupt.

Want to learn more about type and relationships? Join us for a free webinar on February 13, 2014: Ask an Expert: Exploring MBTI® Type Dynamics and Relationships.

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