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Myers-Briggs® and the FIRO-B® Tools—Interpersonal Needs

Myers-Briggs® and the FIRO-B® Tools—Interpersonal Needs

I’ve shared in the past that my MBTI® preferences are INFP. By adding information from the FIRO-B® tool I get a more complete look at my interpersonal needs. Overall, I have relatively low interpersonal needs. That works great in the life I lead traveling all over usually by myself. Sure I prefer spending time with Kevin, my partner, but to be honest time with him is really all I most often need.

When I travel by myself I don’t mind walking into a restaurant and asking for a table for one. There are times that I get that “oh I’m sorry you are by yourself” look. Early on in my life I would feel embarrassed by that look. Now, it doesn’t really affect me. Instead, I eagerly walk over to my table (preferably in a corner) with my iPad in hand. A nice quiet dinner by myself is often the best way for me to end a day.

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