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Myers-Briggs® and the FIRO-B® Tools—Affection

Myers-Briggs® and the FIRO-B® Tools—Affection

Of all my interpersonal needs Affection (or Connection on the FIRO Business® tool) is the one that is most important for me. While still relatively low, Affection is the need that when met keeps me most satisfied. Affection is one of the biggest reasons I have been at CPP for over 26 years—half my life!

I no longer have an office in the building, but when I walk through our headquarters it feels so good to have people go out of their way to greet me with the biggest smiles and hugs. I know this might sound corny to some people. It’s not even close to corny for me.

Did you know that the FIRO® assessment can give you insight into another aspect of your personality? Read this blog post to learn more.

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