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MBTI® Feedback

MBTI® Feedback

Because giving MBTI® feedback to a client for the first time may seem scary to some participants, I give a demonstration on how it’s done before any of them has to (see MBTI feedback DVD product #6135-DVD at Participants almost always find this module of the program to be extremely valuable. They use this time to test their use of MBTI language, to work on avoiding the use of jargon, and to flex their type to more effectively communicate with people who are different from them…all in a safe environment with just one or two other participants who are also new to the experience.

I am always amazed how quickly people pick this up and how well they do. Of course, I don’t expect people to be perfect. I do expect participants to prepare ahead of time and do their best to preserve the ethical use of the MBTI tool. I make it a point to drop in on each feedback group and offer corrective suggestions along the way.

There are times when a participant or two get a bit overwhelmed by having to provide feedback in front of their colleagues. I have facilitated MBTI® Certification Programs long enough to know to just trust the process. I do my best to reassure them that it will be okay. I will write more about trusting the process in a future blog.

Once the feedback session is completed, the group comes back together to debrief and to share successes and challenges.


  1. Michael,
    Great initiative I will be a follower of your blog for sure!

    Agree the feedback for a first timer can be daunting but it is only preparation and practice that turns this into a more comfortable exercise. I always encourage people to remember that they have the knowledge of the tool which, very often, the person on the receiving end of feedbck does not.

    With your style you will have people confident to explore the profile with another person in no time!

    Goodluck with the Blog!


    • Thanks Nanette. You are exactly correct about the process. Best wishes to you and everyone at Innovative HR Solutions!

  2. I am currently in Michael’s class in Raleigh. He is one of the best presenters I have ever heard, and that includes a lot of folks. He is responsive and informed. I would tell any one that I know and care about to attend his seminar. Bright and gifted.

    • Thanks so much David. That means a lot to me. It has been a pleasure working with you and the group these past two days. I think you will find the next two days even better.

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