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Making a Difference—The NF Urge

Making a Difference—The NF Urge

Linda, my spiritual director, asked me to explore the question “Where do I think God is leading me?” It’s a question I haven’t asked myself in a long time. When I was younger I felt like I was being lead to be kind, giving, humble, faithful, responsible, and loving. While not perfect, I still strive for these graces every day. Some days I can get impatient with the world around me and I’m not so conscious of these hopes for me.

So what is next? Where am I heading next? As my career moves forward, I know it will eventually wind down. What will I do in my sixties, seventies, eighties, and on? Kevin talks about joining the Peace Corps, but while that sounds meaningful, it also sounds scary. Perhaps facing my fears would be the best thing for me… Without a doubt, I always need to be doing something that makes a meaningful difference in my life and in the lives of others. That’s an important motivator for those of us who prefer Intuition and Feeling.

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