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Introverted Sensing Stories

Introverted Sensing Stories

I’m fascinated whenever I see Introverted Sensing when we take in information. I was chatting with my partner Kevin just the other day. The television was on, and some reference was made to The Brady Bunch. I asked Kevin if he watched that show when he was younger. He proceeded to cover the most detailed recollection of an event I have ever heard. While I could only recall general moods and themes, Kevin’s detail over the seasons that show ran were astonishing. How he could remember each character and actor who played that character, along with details of the episodes, seemed like magic. I glanced over to see if he was reading it somewhere.

I am often reminded that most information I share about my day or my life with Introverted Sensing types will be remembered by and recalled at a moment’s notice. When I ask, “How do you know that?” the reply is most always, “Because you told me.” That said, I realize that when I don’t remember details from people who have a preference for Introverted Sensing, it might make them feel like I wasn’t even listening.

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