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Introduction to the World of Type Dynamics

Introduction to the World of Type Dynamics

As an introduction to the world of type dynamics, here are a few pointers on how to find a type’s favorite (dominant) process:

  • You can find the favorite process in just three steps. If you think you need to use a calculator or multiply the temperature outside by your age or something, then you are overthinking it.
  • Remember that when we refer to the mental processes, we are talking about the middle two letters of a four-letter type (ST, SF, NF, or NT).
  • The other important elements to look at in determining a type’s favorite process are the first letter (E or I) and the last letter (J or P).
  • Remember, the last letter doesn’t necessarily point to the favorite mental process. It does tell us which process a person extraverts—that is, expresses in the external world.
  • When you put this information together, you get the eight favorite (dominant) processes: Se, Si, Ne, Ni, Te, Ti, Fe, Fi

Stay tuned to get started on the three steps!

To be continued…

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