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INFP Silence and Serenity

INFP Silence and Serenity

It’s Sunday, or at least I think it is. I’ve wound down so much, I’ve forgotten what day it is. I had a colleague a few years back who experienced the same thing when she retired. I was happy and envious when she asked me, “What day of the week is it today?” when I called her.

After the blare of a few sirens down the hill, El Retiro Retreat Center has gone peaceful again. My room has on only a small light above the writing desk. I’ve performed the daily ritual of watering a tree with the shower bucket water. The routine here is to capture the water in the shower as it goes from cold to hot. I love that idea. It makes me feel like I’m making at least a little bit of a difference.

Kevin didn’t join me for breakfast this morning, so I sat at a table by myself. That was fine, and breakfast was good. After breakfast I walked. It was nice to be out in this beautiful setting. I wandered up behind and to the right of the chapel and then back and across the rear path. A huge rabbit was sitting in the path and then it saw me, hopped, and ran away. But then it stopped, looked back at me, and then hopped and ran away even faster. I then strolled down to a quiet spot to meditate.

The quiet of these days is giving me the gift of truly seeing all that is around me. The silence and serenity are serving my INFP preferences well!

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