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I Walk in Peace to Find My Path

I Walk in Peace to Find My Path

Tonight begins my silent retreat. The stress of getting here still weighs on me, as I lie in my small bed, slightly hungry from not arriving in time for dinner. My room, though not located below a church down a dark hallway as I had imagined, is small and relatively bare—night-and-day difference from the business hotel I left earlier today. The cross on the wall to my right and the framed picture of Jesus are the only adornments.

It is time to sleep…may I find peace.

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  1. As an INFP, I’m envious at the thought of 8 days of silent reflection, but I worry my Step II Extravert facets might not behave. I’m enjoying following your journey, thanks for sharing it.

    • Thanks Greg for your comment. I’m enjoying writing about the experience. The series continues today.

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