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I Am So Much More Than the Roles I Play

I Am So Much More Than the Roles I Play

A big part of my silent retreat experience has been exploring the roles I play in life, along with what I’m really like beneath those roles people see. This experience is meant to help me truly understand who I am—the good, the bad, and the not so pretty.

The MBTI® tool in many ways gives me these similar lenses when I think about how my preferences help me in my work and in my life, and how at times (especially during stress) those same preferences don’t help me. This approach to understanding my preferences came from my mentor, Linda Kirby. It really helps me see that I bring gifts to every situation I’m in, as well as potential blind spots when I don’t flex my type when the situation calls for it. During MBTI feedback sessions I like to ask clients, “Do you use your preferences, or do your preferences use you?” This is helpful when I see someone using their preferences as an excuse or when they don’t see the need to flex more often.

The tangible roles that came up for me were partner, friend, son, brother, trainer, tennis player, employee, writer, neighbor, helper. Then there is who I am beneath these roles—contemplative, spiritual, true, dedicated, imperfect, silly, serious, happy, sad, kind, thoughtful, sensitive, loving, hardworking, lazy, creative…

Who are you?

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