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Hates Small Talk

Hates Small Talk

Before I arrived here I imagined all kinds of things about what this experience would be like, especially dark corridors and organ music. Instead, El Retiro is full of light and openness. My room overlooks a hill with trees in front and to the right. I’m on the ground floor in St. Joseph’s Hall. A nun is staying in the room to my left. A spiritual director is in the room on the right. I know nothing about them, but I hope to get to stay and learn more on the last day. I’m assuming that’s when we get to talk to each other.

Since I arrived late on the first night, I missed the opportunity to meet everyone. I’m not saying I’m sorry, to be honest. Small talk with strangers is one of my least favorite things. My in-preference Receiving facet result on the MBTI® Step II™ assessment explains that perfectly while getting right to the point: “Hates small talk.” I can talk to almost anyone, but it’s work and takes tons of energy for me to do. I have a big social/work event coming up next month, so I will be sure to get a lot of time on my own before the event (and during) to build up all the energy I can. This week I haven’t had to use that energy at all. Sublime!

It’s dinner time!

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