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Going Non-Stop

Going Non-Stop

I’ve spent the past four weeks straight delivering MBTI® Certification Programs. I’ve worked with amazing people in the auto, hospitality, and military sectors, and I feel so lucky to do the work that I do. And yet, there are times when I need a break from all the expectations I place on myself—expectations to be an expert, to be available, to be patient. These past few weeks have meant literally only hours at home before heading off again to new locations for the week. Fortunately, my partner is very patient and on occasion can even travel with me. This week he has joined me in Scottsdale, Arizona. Next week we will be together at our first-ever weeklong silent retreat.

What will that experience be like? What I’ve read about silent retreats is that you simply “show up and shut up.” True, my preference is for Introversion, but of course that doesn’t mean that I don’t talk. Considering type dynamics, all of us have a part of ourselves that we extravert and a part that we introvert. With my preferences for INFP, I extravert Intuition when taking in information and introvert Feeling when I make decisions. To learn more about this subject, check out Introduction to Type® Dynamics and Development.

To be continued…


  1. Hi Michael, is this your first blog post on this blog? I’m already interested in following your journeys, not just because I use CPP products regularly but because I too am a traveling LBGT and meditator and teacher! I’m heading off on a vagabond journey in my camper van soon to see the Western US while I teach online (life and career planning!) soon, and part of my itinerary is an LBGT silent retreat at Spirit Rock in California. Silent retreats are wonderful- even for an ESTJ like me! Would enjoy some private correspondence if that is appropriate- my email is

    Question: with whom may I correspond at CPP to discuss online use of Strong and MBTI? I’m looking on the website to see if I can find something- surely folks are teaching career planning classes online these days and finding effective ways to use these tools.

    Have a great silent retreat and report back! Cynthia Dettman

    • Hello Cynthia and thanks for writing. Your upcoming journey sounds fantastic! I have authored this blog for the last six years. I write about whatever emerges and enjoy getting to do that. I hope you like this series.

      You can connect with your CPP Regional Consultant at CPP for help with products. I will forward your comment to our team here and see who would be best to contact you. Feel free to reach out to me anytime at

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