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Ford Motor Company and the MBTI® Framework

Ford Motor Company and the MBTI® Framework

Immediately after I moderated the MBTI® international panel on leadership and culture, I was able to take a breath and attend another session. It felt good to be done presenting for the day, and now I could sit back and enjoy the session provided by Gayle Treece and Michelle Tilley from Ford Motor Company.

Ford is a huge organization, so you can imagine its diverse application development landscape. For them to maintain agile practices through change requires a lot of innovation—early and often. This means diverse groups of people and teams need to work together effectively to deal with constant change and communication challenges. Gayle and Michelle talked about how the MBTI® assessment is used at Ford to help with issues including faster team start-up (creation and cohesion), increased self-awareness, providing a common language to talk about conflict, and encouraging individual and organizational empowerment. They also shared quotes from Ford employees testifying how impactful the MBTI tool has been (which I found very reassuring), such as: “There have been more sincere efforts to respect and appreciate each other’s differences,” “This session moved the needle quite a bit,” and “The team is making intentional efforts to continue to work together toward the same results.”

I have a lot of history working with Ford, and I was excited to learn more about this forward looking company and its use of the MBTI assessment. Two summers ago I worked with Ford at its Further with Ford event. Click here to watch a video related to some of that work.

If you would like more information on the 2016 MBTI® Users Conference, click here.

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