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Extraverted Sensing Stories

Extraverted Sensing Stories

I envy those people who can stay in the moment. As a beginning student of meditation, I’ve learned that being in the here and now is invaluable. On a trip to Japan, I visited a temple outside the small town of Ikoma. I was admiring the writings of one of the monks, when he came over and offered it to me. I couldn’t read it, but was told by my Japanese interpreter it read, “Learn to appreciate the moment.” Was it coincidence or did this monk somehow know what a challenge that is for me?

People who prefer and use Extraverted Sensing tend not to have that problem. They see and experience the world right here and right now. My friend Steve (ISTP) uses Extraverted Sensing as part of his auxiliary function. It is amazing to watch him drive down the road noticing anything and everything as we zoom by. I might notice a new building that has suddenly popped up. Surprised that I hadn’t noticed it earlier, Steve will point out that he has noticed every step of the building’s development.

I will admit that I can get frustrated with Steve’s hesitancy to plan things in the future. Still, I’m impressed by his ability to concentrate on what is happening right now.

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