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When Kevin and I signed up for the silent retreat, he expected to receive a detailed agenda of what each day of the retreat would cover. Kevin has preferences for ISFJ and really likes details and schedules. Instead, the email that arrived included only the most basic information: when we should arrive, when orientation would begin, when meals would happen, and when the retreat would end. He looked at me and said, “That’s all?”

I smiled and thought, that is more than enough. For someone like me (INFP preferences) who has spent a lot of time lately on a schedule, eight days of “openness” with only a general idea of mealtime sounds like the prefect getaway. We start this week. After a few days into it I might have a different perspective.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Hi Michael, thanks for sharing your adventures in silence. As someone with ESFP preferences, I definitely find myself looking forward to breaking from the schedule and having “unstructured time” on weekends. Looking forward to reading more about the retreat.

    • Thanks for writing. The silent retreat was such a wonderful experience. My partner Kevin just reminded me that if I do a couple retreats a year, I will have even more to write about. More importantly, I will get that time I need to refresh and reflect. The trick after such a retreat is to keep up with what I learned. Daily prayer/meditation is a big part of that. So far…so good.

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