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Discover a New MBTI® Step II™ Experience

Discover a New MBTI® Step II™ Experience

Hello everyone! My excitement continues as CPP just released fresh new looks for the MBTI® Step II™ product line. Products getting this new look and feel are:

I’ve heard lots of positive feedback on the refreshed Step I™ products that were unveiled this past May. I know you will be just as happy with these Step II products.

While I like the Step II™ Profile, I most often use the Step II™ Interpretive Report. In addition to the layout being sleek and clean, you’ll find that the MBTI language has been updated to help make personality type concepts more understandable. And new facet theme descriptors have been added to the facet charts to help increase clarity of results.

I always combine a Step II feedback session with the Understanding Your Step II™ Results booklet. Along with their Step II report, the booklet gives my clients a nice takeaway to help them remember all that we discussed during the 90-minute session.

And finally, I can’t wait for the new MBTI® Step II™ User’s Guide. This is the resource I’ve studied the most to understand each of the 20 Step II facets. Speaking of the Step II facets, I recently completed a short recording for each of the facets to help with your use with either individuals or groups.

Visit to check out these recordings and other great content!


  1. Hi Michael-I can’t seem to find your recordings when I go to the website Is there another way to access them?

  2. Exciting! I am looking forward to working on my Step II certification in the near future. If we’ve taken Step II is it possible to get our report in the new format?

    • Hello Andrew! In order to get the new format, a person would have to take the assessment in that version. Sorry.

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