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CPP Separates Myth from Fact about World’s Most Popular Personality Assessment

CPP Separates Myth from Fact about World’s Most Popular Personality Assessment

In order to clear up some of the more common misconceptions regarding the Myers-Briggs personality assessment’s history, theoretical underpinnings, proper use and research-based foundation,  we’ve decided to debunk the folk tales in infographic format!

“The Myers-Briggs instrument is a serious tool used for serious purposes,” said Jennifer Overbo, Director of MBTI Product Strategy, CPP. “However, most people who take the assessment find the exercise of self-exploration to be engaging and fun – and many choose to go deeper and learn more about the theory behind it. So we’re planning on having some fun with this as well.”

The first in a four part series of Folk Tales & True Stories infographics, we wanted to help spread the word about why Myers-Briggs assessment results:

  • Should not be used for hiring or selection
  • Should be viewed as an important part of the personality puzzle, but not the totality of one’s unique personality
  • Tell you how a certain profession’s work environment will comport with your personality preferences, but not whether or not you’ll be successful in that career
  • Don’t say that we’re strictly Introverted or Extraverted, Thinking or Feeling…

“When used correctly, the MBTI assessment provides invaluable insight that helps individuals perform better and organizations operate more cohesively,” said Jeff Hayes, President, CPP, Inc. “However, if you try to tighten a screw with a hammer, you’ll end up frustrated. Likewise, we often find that criticism of the instrument actually stems from misconceptions about what it does, and what it should be used for.”

Feel free to share your story involving the MBTI tool on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, using the campaign hashtag #MBTItypestory, and visit to celebrate its 70th anniversary!


View the PDF of the Folk Tales & True Stories infographic here.


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