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Car Buying Tips from CPP

Car Buying Tips from CPP

Buying a new car can be fun. It can also be more than a little stressful. For most of us, our next car purchase is something we will have to live with for years to come. Too often people drive off the lot with their shiny new “drive” wondering, “Was this a mistake?” “Am I going to get in trouble when I get home?” Or possibly worse, “How am I going to pay for this?”

Here are a few thoughts from CPP, the Myers-Briggs® company, to consider the next time you buy a car. Note: Be sure to consider all these ideas and not just the ones you prefer. To take the MBTI® tool, go to

SE – touch it, feel it, smell it, drive it!

SI – do your research, read reviews you trust, consider buying successes and mistakes from your past

NE – stay open to makes and models and brainstorm possibilities starting with the exact car to all other options

NI – consider long term implications of your car buy…future family growth needs, relationship changes, etc.

TE – organize the funds you need to buy, get that car loan and best interest rates possible

TI – check for any inconsistencies during the purchase process, ask yourself and trusted others “does something not make sense?”…make sure you can really afford it

FE – consider those who will be riding in your new car…are the kids, wife, husband or significant other going to be happy with your purchase?

FI – sit and seriously ask yourself “is this the car I really want, does it meet what I am looking for in a car or am I putting others needs above my own?”


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