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Become a FIRO® Certified Practitioner Today!

Become a FIRO® Certified Practitioner Today!

The MBTI® assessment helps us understand personality type and see how we like to get energized, take in information, make decisions, and orient ourselves to the outer world. At the same time, the FIRO® tool can also be beneficial because it provides an understanding of interpersonal needs, which gives us insight into another aspect of our personality—what motivates our behavior in regard to how much interaction we want with others.

If you want more information on becoming a FIRO certified practitioner, click here. CPP will actually hold their first-ever public two-day FIRO® Certification Program on November 3-4, 2014. You’re invited to learn more about how one-on-one leadership development and coaching is where you can really make a difference in an employee’s career. Here are some benefits of becoming certified:

  • Develop the expertise to develop employees’ leadership abilities, interpersonal skills, one-to-one relationships, and teamwork, and inspire greatness throughout your entire organization
  • Learn how to professionally and ethically administer assessments and interpret reports, help employees make sense of their results, and address frequently asked questions
  • Become your organization’s go-to guide for turning employees into leaders, recognizing and growing true potential, and improving performance

Also, check out a blog post by CPP’s application consultant, Pam Valencia, which takes a deeper dive into the FIRO assessment.

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