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A New Day

A New Day

Walking into the dining room this morning for breakfast, I had this slight urge to yell out, “Good morning, everyone!” Of course, I didn’t, but I did wonder if a person could get kicked out of a silent retreat for doing that.

Looking around the room catching quick glances at the other retreatants, I started to imagine their stories. Eating silently were men and women of all ages and ethnicities. A few nuns were in the group. I have always admired the nuns in my life since I attended a Catholic university for my undergraduate studies, which was founded by the Sisters of the Incarnate Word.

As I scanned the room while letting loose my preference for Intuition, I thought of my mother and the need to see her sooner than I am scheduled. My spiritual director asked me to think about where in the world I see God—these people around me today, the sky outside, the hawk flying fast and high, the food on my plate. Letting my preference for Intuition continue on its magic carpet ride, I even thought of a play I could write titled Silence or Retreatants about two people who fall in love at a silent retreat. Of course, all the lines would come from the monologue happening inside each character’s mind (done so brilliantly in the recent Pixar movie Inside Out—so much for my novel idea).

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