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A New Angle on MBTI® Insights

A New Angle on MBTI® Insights

I’m truly excited about the fresh new look of some of our most popular MBTI reports—the MBTI® Profile, the MBTI® Interpretive Report, and the MBTI® Interpretive Report for Organizations—as well as the venerable Introduction to Type® booklet.

I think you will like the refreshed look and feel, as well as the updated type language, of these tried-and-true resources, especially the 7th edition of the Introduction to Type® booklet, retitled Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type. I’ve been a big fan of the 6th edition, and I use it every time I give feedback to a client—either one-on-one or as part of a group. The new edition includes the same content as the 6th, though each of the 16 detailed type descriptions is now spread over two pages instead of just one so the content has more “breathing room” and participants can take more notes. Included with each booklet purchased is complimentary access to a new companion website that contains additional content on managing stress.

Of the three MBTI reports that have been updated, my favorite is the MBTI® Interpretive Report for Organizations. Whenever I give Step I feedback, this is the report I use most. It serves as a useful framework for providing feedback that is easy to remember and even easier for my clients to follow. On top of that, it provides real-world workplace applications of the MBTI tool in the areas of communication, problem solving, and even type dynamics.

Speaking of type dynamics, I recently recorded several short videos to help practitioners use these products, and one of them covers the steps involved in “cracking the code” or determining a person’s favorite, second favorite, third, and least favorite mental processes. I also shot a video on a few things to consider when interpreting the Preference Clarity Category (PCC) and Preference Clarity Index (PCI), as well as another on how to help clients get to their best-fit type.

Visit to check out these videos and other cool new stuff. Enjoy!


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