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You’re Exaggerating

You’re Exaggerating

10-part series by Patrick Kerwin, MBTI® Master Practitioner, with some great tips on how students can manage stress. 

Sometimes, despite our best intentions and efforts to manage stress, we can sense ourselves slipping in that direction. One of the first signs that we’re heading toward stress is that we start exaggerating the favorite part of our personality, known as your dominant function. Different types have different dominant functions, so every type starts to slip in its own unique way!

Find your type below and you’ll see the dominant function for that type, what that dominant function looks like when you’re not stressed, and how it looks when you start to exaggerate it due to stress.

Dominant Description When Description When
Type Function Unstressed Exaggerated
ISTJ & ISFJ Sensing Being precise, accurate, and careful Obsessing about details and specifics
INTJ & INFJ Intuition Generating patterns and possibilities internally Over-swirling internally with possibilities and connections
ISTP & INTP Thinking Coming up with logical frameworks internally Over-spinning internally to find logical conclusions
ISFP & INFP Feeling Being guided by deeply held inner values Over-analyzing internally feelings and values
ESTP & ESFP Sensing Experiencing the present and being in the moment Bouncing from one activity to the next with no result
ENFP & ENTP Intuition Brainstorming and seeing new possibilities Bouncing from one new idea to another with no result
ESTJ & ENTJ Thinking Bringing logical order to the world around you Over-controlling situations and people
ESFJ & ENFJ Feeling Creating outer harmony and supporting others Over-focusing on harmony and pleasing others


Once you know the warning signs, you can start to watch for them and try and catch yourself before you go into full-on stress mode! Sometimes all it takes is interrupting yourself when you find yourself exaggerating your dominant function and saying, “Wait, why am I doing this right now?”


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  1. Nice article but your chart is missing two types: ENFJ and ESFJ.


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