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You and Your Career: Where Priscilla Is Today

You and Your Career: Where Priscilla Is Today

Taking you along our cycles of success journey of applying the MBTI® and Strong tools in your career development and personal life is Catherine Rains, M.S., CPP’s Solutions Consultant. You can read all of the blogs of this multi-part this series here.

Where Priscilla Is Today

Since my last session with Priscilla, she has been very busy exploring the four options we discussed a couple of months ago. Just to remind you what she was considering, these were her options in priority order as of our last meeting:

  • Moving up within her current profession as an admissions counselor at Adams State University
  • Becoming better-connected professionally in the Fort Collins community by joining the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations (including nonprofits) that would give her exposure to professionals in her target careers
  • Conducting informational interviews over coffee and/or lunch with people in her target careers
  • Pursuing a PhD in higher education administration

Since that time, Priscilla has gotten very much involved with the Chamber of Commerce in Fort Collins, helping with one of their annual festivals. Although this activity hasn’t yielded job offers, it is putting her in the position of knowing many types of people who could be in the position of guiding her next steps, or introducing her to people who might be hiring down the road. Since staying in Fort Collins is still a top priority for her, this is an excellent job search strategy, even though an indirect one.

While still open to career options such Human Resources, Priscilla has done some serious soul searching about the types of work she most enjoys, and has realized that working with students is on the top of her list in terms of what she is looking for in her next career move. The turning point in this realization was a recent experience at the graduation ceremony for one of her favorite students. Over 50 family members from around the country came to see this student graduate, as he was the first to graduate from this family. Priscilla had been very close to the student during his entire four years at Adams State, and the student and many of the family members told her how she had made a profound impact on this young man’s life. Many tears and stories were shared during this moving experience, and Priscilla realized that higher education was a deep love for her, and she wasn’t sure if really wanted to consider leaving it for another career path.

Fast forward to last week when Priscilla was socializing with a few of her friends from Fort Collins. One friend casually mentioned a job opening that would be perfect for Priscilla involving a state-sponsored program that supported at-risk, first-generation college students, increasing their chances of graduation.  Priscilla immediately knew this was a job made for her and sprang to action. She sent her resume the next day, networked her way to a conversation with the hiring director (turns out she had met her at a conference last year) and got invited for an on-site interview the following week. All looked very promising. Alas, in the end she didn’t get the job (another candidate had a bit more experience working with this population), but she did get very valuable insight into what was really important to her in terms of her next career move, reaffirming the career path she was already on, with a twist. Priscilla is now even more interested in pursuing opportunities within Fort Collins that directly affect the development of college students, which could include increasing responsibilities with her current employer.

Discovering the career path that best matches your interests, values, and personality doesn’t always mean changing course. Sometimes it’s about reaffirming and reenergizing the path you are already on, as is the case for Priscilla. Although she didn’t get the job she interviewed for, she got something even better—clarity around what she wants as the focus of her work. No doubt, one day very soon, she will be the one offered the job because she has more experience than someone else. Until that day, Priscilla is living in “excited expectation,” keeping her arms wide open for the next perfect job opening.


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