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You and Your Career: Using the MBTI and Strong Tools for Career Planning | Priscilla’s Next Steps

You and Your Career: Using the MBTI and Strong Tools for Career Planning  | Priscilla’s Next Steps

Taking you along our cycles of success journey of applying the MBTI® and Strong tools in your career development and personal life is Catherine Rains, M.S., CPP’s Solutions Consultant. You can read all of the blogs of this multi-part this series here.

 Pricilla’s Next Steps

During our first meeting, I gave Priscilla an assignment to look for patterns among her highest scores for Basic Interest Scales and Occupational Scales on the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment. Again, what most interested her fit into focused categories: College Admissions, Higher Ed Administration, Human Resources, Motivational Speaking, and Career Counseling. She was also excited to realize how much she enjoyed writing inspiring speeches, either for herself or for others to deliver—something she could possibly do within each of the career fields she is considering, as well as within her current career in college admissions.

After discussing these options, she realized that all of them would meet her primary motivation identified in her career mission statement. Although still presenting a wide range of choices, they are all focused around helping, counseling, motivating, and inspiring others. Priscilla also compiled a list of what she liked and disliked in current and past jobs. This list is being added to her career mission statement as additional criteria to consider as she continues to explore the fields that most interest her.

We also discussed how, when describing the process of discovering their ideal career, individuals who share her preferences for ENFP often use some version of the phrase “it just happened.” Many NPs also often say they are still looking for “it,” even when they are currently in a career that is deeply rewarding. However, for a job/career to “just happen,” Priscilla needs to first put herself in a place where those options can find her. Since she wants to remain in the community in which she now lives, we talked about strategies for becoming more connected in her target career fields, which will allow her to explore without actually applying for any jobs, at least at this stage. More than likely, in the process of becoming connected she’ll stumble upon an opportunity that fits most or all of her search criteria, which could also include remaining with her current employer.

As of today, these are the four options she is exploring, in order of priority:

  • Moving up within her current profession as an admissions counselor at Adams State University
  • Becoming more professionally connected in the Fort Collins community by joining the local Chamber of Commerce and other organizations (including nonprofits) that would give her exposure to professionals in her target careers
  • Conducting informational interviews over coffee or lunch with people in her target careers
  • Pursuing a PhD in higher education administration

Our next meeting is in a few weeks, giving Priscilla time to explore these four options. I’ll keep you updated on her progress toward making her next big career move.

How can you take this example and use it with your own clients or students?


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