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Video Resources to Aid in Career Development for Your Students

Video Resources to Aid in Career Development for Your Students
I recently came across a site called CareerTV ( which I found really helpful to share with you. The purpose of this site is to share videos that are solely to help students in their career development quest. The types of videos include mock interviews, what to wear to interviews, job search tips, tips from employers which are categorized by industries, companies, and locations, and many others. Not only did I find the videos I came across as highly valuable, I found the format of the presenters interesting. CareerTV really knows how to reach out to students, because I have yet to come across a video I found boring!

I came across a video titled Generation Y & Social Networking which I found interesting as I had blogged about generational differences in the workplace recently. This video is a great tool to share with your students as teaching them about proper social networking skills before heading to the workplace is essential. The video explores Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn sites and how employers are using these as an extension to their resumes to hire students. The issue of freedom of speech comes up several times, both from the experts in the video, as well as from a panelist of students who share their concerns over privacy.

The video is approximately 30 minutes long and well worth the time. I hope you enjoy it and can share some of the tips you hear with your students! I’ll be reviewing more videos and sites I come across to share with you, so keep checking back for more!


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