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Putting E–I and S–N together to support student success, Part 2

Putting E–I and S–N together to support student success, Part 2

By Catherine Rains 

Let’s explore how students who prefer Extraversion and Sensing (ES) can thrive in classes taught by faculty members with their opposite preferences, Introversion and Intuition (IN). The following are some of the suggestions I have heard from students, faculty, and counselors over the years.


  • Compile a list of detailed questions, making sure to focus each question around understanding the meaning and pattern of the facts/details.
  • Try to avoid approaching faculty before or after class. During office hours is usually the best time to talk to IN faculty members.
  • Put together a study group to discuss the facts presented in class and what they mean in the big picture.
  • This may sound simplistic, but raise your hand before asking questions and make sure your questions are well thought out before doing so.
  • Ask the teacher if there is a way to experience what is being taught. Maybe you can talk to an expert in the field about the topic, do some volunteer work, or offer to put together a panel of experts as a class project.
  • Use the writing center for help with thought-paper assignments and to prepare for essay exams.
  • Avoid asking the faculty member too many detailed questions, things you could find answers to yourself either in the text or on Google.

What other suggestions do you have that could help a student be successful in this type of classroom? Please add your comments below.

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