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PART 3: The Mystery of the Unhappy CPA [The Strong Assessment: Who and Where You Are Right Now]

PART 3: The Mystery of the Unhappy CPA [The Strong Assessment: Who and Where You Are Right Now]

The Strong Assessment: Who and Where You Are Right Now”  3-part blog series

Written By Cheryl Hollatz-Wisely

Part 3
[Read Part 1 and Part 2]

I smiled to myself as my accountant client walked into my office the following week. He was, once again, in suit and tie—and yes, carrying that same briefcase. Our first meeting had been a short intake interview, so now we were able to sit down for a full hour for a Strong interpretation and conversation.

Before we got started, I asked him if there had been any big changes in his life over the past year or so. He had been happy in his profession for so many years, so I wondered whether there had been any shifts in his life and world: personal, professional, or relational. I was looking for any sort of significant change. Whereas Myers-Briggs® type looks at who we were meant to be, the Strong looks at who we have become. We are shaped by our situations, environment, and the people in our life. This is what I learned in our session: His mother had recently passed away. This is how he described her death to me: “She had the most beautiful passing. Her hospice workers made it a journey, instead of just another death.”

And as I listened to his story a bit more, all the pieces of his Strong results came together. He was now motivated to help in ways that affected people’s lives, instead of only their bottom line. He wanted to use his experience to lead others but in supportive and meaningful ways. He still loved facts, figures, and data, but he now wanted to use these skills in a completely different field.

Here he was with his GOT code SEC, and as we talked he had no trouble declaring that he was motivated primarily to help others using leadership via his skills of data and organization. At heart he was still an accountant in a suit and tie. But the work he now wanted to do in the world had changed. The Strong showed the data, but now with his story his basic interests in Counseling/Helping and Healthcare made sense. And now his similarity to men working in careers such as Nursing Home Administration and Health Information was a puzzle piece that fit as well.

The Strong is the most reliable and valid career assessment out there, but what I am reminded of again and again is how the client is the one with the answers.  We can bring our own curiosity to the table by using the data to shape our questions, but the true power of the Strong is found in the conversation between practitioner and client. As Judi Grutter liked to say, “The Strong is only as good as the conversations the practitioner creates—the data can’t stand alone.” I hope you will join me for the free webinar on May 7 for an overview of the Strong assessment and some basic interpretation strategies.


Cheryl Hollatz-Wisely is lead trainer for GS Consultants, founded by Judith Grutter. GS Consultants has provided webinars for CPP on the Strong and MBTI® assessment for almost a decade.

On May 7th, Cheryl presented the CPP “Ask an Expert” webinar “Strategies & Overview of the Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment.” View now >>


The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment is one of the world’s most widely respected and frequently used career planning tools. It has helped both academic and business organizations develop the brightest talent and has guided thousands of individuals—from high school and college students to midcareer workers seeking a change—in their search for a rich and fulfilling career.

Watch this short and insightful video to get a glimpse of what the tool can do for you:



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  1. Cheryl , lovely article. I 100% agree with it all! Catherine

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