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One more word about “guessing” type – Part 1

One more word about “guessing” type – Part 1
Written by Catherine Rains 

Talking about “guessing” type can be controversial in the type community because it can imply that we are deciding for someone else what they have a preference for, almost like a party game.  My intention in “guessing” type is very different. It is a tool to help me be more effective working with ALL types of people, without them ever having to take the assessment.  If I can observe patterns of behavior (often the function that they are extroverting), then I can create a hypothesis about what their type could be and decide whether I can be more effective by flexing my preferences to what I think theirs could be.  Guessing is not about deciding for someone else what their type is, but rather it’s a tool to help me use type to be more effective in my everyday interactions with people.  

Whether a person is showing me their best fit type or not, my “guess” still gives me a leg up when working with someone new as it gives me a basis from which to begin our communication process. Do they want to get right to business and stay on task, or is building a personal connection more important before we talk business.  If the communication appears to be strained after I guess and begin to flex (assuming we have different preferences), or if my message isn’t being heard/received, then I can flex to the opposite preference to see if that works better. 
Next week I will discuss appropriate situations of when to flex type.

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