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ISTJ – Remembering what we did before and how it worked

ISTJ – Remembering what we did before and how it worked

Written by Catherine Rains

Introverted Sensing drives those who prefer ISTJ to evaluate current decisions based on what has worked or not worked in the past.  Storehouses of information, they are the go-to person for the most efficient way to do all sorts of things, from managing a program to choosing a graduate program.  ISTJ types are usually attracted to “bottom line” careers that allow them to use their natural inclination toward data, numbers, science, reality, and efficiency.  Similar to ISFJ preferences, they carefully think through their decisions and are reluctant to change their original decision even if they find another choice might suit the situation better, unless the new choice is more efficient, and it can be proven with data. Careers identified as attractive to this type include (shared by attendees of a recent MBTI® Certification Program): Technical Trainer, Banker, Human Resources, Project Manager, Instructional Designer, Military, Law Enforcement, Operations, Systems Development, all levels of Management, Foreign Service, Accounting, Travel Agent, Health Care Consultant, Higher Education Management, and “owning a wood shop”.

Call to those of you who prefer ISTJ – what other careers have you been attracted to?  The more we add to this list the better and feel free to repeat what is already listed above.  We’re looking for the most comprehensive list possible so that other types fully understand what careers feel most natural to those of you who prefer ISTJ.



  1. I’m an INTP chemist, but deal with a lot of ISTJ chemists and the INTPs are by far in the minority.

  2. I’m a medical technologist – lab results are certainly bottom line!

  3. As an ISTJ, I can say that a great downfall of mine, if you can call it that, is that once I’ve tried something and had a bad experience, I never want to do anything like it again. For example, I once had a job where I had a long, expensive commute, and the job itself was difficult for me because it involved doing a lot of work off-hours. Now I’m only open to working no more than 30-40 minutes from home and leaving my work at work, where it belongs.

  4. I’m currently a Resident Director at a university – with various other roles combined at different times in my tenure here, including career counseling (my favorite), RA Training Coordinator, and Paperwork Queen for Clubs & Organizations. I also do a bit of writing, editing, and proofreading, as time allows, which I would see as more of a long-term pursuit.

  5. I study history and I m research about humans civilization and I like it so much . I like use data, numbers, science, reality, and efficiency in my work

  6. I’m a music teacher. Go figure.

  7. Recent recession landed me in an HR and Safety trainer position. A combination of two of the career fields listed in the article (HR and Training). Loved the job until I was transferred to a new training position, which deals more with compliance. which still works for me.


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