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ISFJ – Remembering what was important from my personal past

ISFJ – Remembering what was important from my personal past

Written by Catherine Rains

Those who prefer ISFJ are driven by Introverted Sensing, which means they readily remember specific personal details from their past, which becomes the core of their decisions made in the present. Beware, if they share these personal details with you, they could expect you to remember them as well!  Motivated to provide practical service to others, ISFJ preferences usually like to help people one person at a time, guiding them toward an efficient and swift resolution.   This type is careful about the decisions they make (such as with the choice of an academic major or career), and once made, are reluctant to change the original decision even if they find that another choice might suit them better.  Careers identified as attractive to this type include: High School Teacher, Career or Academic Advisor, Financial Planner, Event Planner, Business Analyst, Human Resources (ex. managing benefits), all types of Health Care, College Counselor, ESL Teacher, and Customer Service.

Call to those of you who prefer ISFJ – what others careers have you been attracted to?  The more we add to this list the better and feel free to repeat what is already listed above.  We’re looking for the most comprehensive list possible so that other types fully understand what careers feel most natural to those of you who prefer ISFJ.


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