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INTJ: Words or phrases that best describe each MBTI® type

INTJ: Words or phrases that best describe each MBTI® type

16-part blog series by Catherine Rains, M.S., CPP Professional Services Solutions Consultant. Over the next 16 weeks, I’m going to share some of the descriptors the participants shared with me for their own type. Who knows, these lists just might end up in a future edition of my favorite MBTI publication, the Introduction to Type® booklet!



Most people would agree that the most comprehensive and accurate definition of each the 16 types is published in the Introduction to Type® booklet. But suppose you didn’t have time to read a full-page description of someone’s type, or wanted the “CliffsNotes” list of a type’s characteristics? What three words or phrases would you use to describe your type so that someone else would instantly get the essence of what makes your type tick? That is what I’ve been asking MBTI® Certification Program participants for the past year in a brief survey at the conclusion of their four-day course.

Words or phrases that best describe people with INTJ preferences: enthusiastic, forward thinking, organized, reserved, imaginative, structured, sociable, warm, harmony minded,  quiet, logical, innovative, abstract, independent, cause-and-effect oriented, visionary, determined, purposeful, individualistic, logical, strategic, leader, change manager.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

  • First, tell us—what words or phrases would you add?
  • Second, vote for your favorite three words or phrases used to describe this type!


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  1. You need to delete out the “sociable, warm, harmony minded” portion of the above statement. Maybe even “enthusiastic”. Though, we are certainly capable of high enthusiasm around science, tech, history, or other nerd-centric topics but general enthusiasm of the pie-eyed-puppy sort–not so much. None of those describe an INTJ… unless they have ulterior motives and it moves them closer to reaching their goals.

  2. Over-the-top enthusiasm is the easiest way to piss of an INTJ. We’re the most unsociable type from all 16. We’re also as cold as the ice-bucket challenge.

  3. Warm? Seriously? Sounds like someone is trying to repackage and redefine my INTJ personality type in order to make it sound more appealing to employers.

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