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INTJ – I’ve got a vision for how to fix things, and I’m ready to make it happen!

INTJ – I’ve got a vision for how to fix things, and I’m ready to make it happen!

Written by Catherine Rains

With an Introverted Intuition dominant type, those with INTJ preferences can sometimes surprise their coworkers and/or subordinates when they suddenly announce the direction they want to take their department/organization to.  Although often described as a flash of insight, this decision will basically be a done deal in their mind by the time they share it with team members because they will have thoroughly thought it through before saying a word about it. Motivated by analyzing a system and designing creative ways to fix what is broken, INTJ types are attracted to careers that allow them to come up with solutions to problems, and then put the solution into quick practice.  But once the solution is implemented, they will be looking for another problem to solve, and leave the long-term implementation up to their Sensing preference counter parts.  Careers that were identified by INTJ types attending a MBTI® Certification workshop included: International NGO Manager, Hotel Management, Historian, Writer, Consultant, Film Director, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Graphic Artist, and Human Resources.


For those of you who prefer INTJ – what others careers have you been attracted to?  The more we add to this list the better and feel free to repeat what is already listed above.  We’re looking for the most comprehensive list possible so that others types fully understand what careers feel most natural to those of you who prefer INTJ.


  1. I have wanted to be a history teacher since highschool. I was in meterology and oceanography when I was in the Navy, and now do custom sheetmetal work. I am borderline INTP/INTJ

  2. Attorney 23 years. Trial attorney for the last 12. First 10 years I was mostly in the office. It got lonely in there. I’ve done enough desk work to last the rest of my life. Now, everyday I am in the courtroom at least 6 hours. I developed an intermittent extroverted courtroom persona which interfaces with my reflective nature which is ideal for prepping and strategizing cases.

    • interesting

  3. Government negotiator – 20+ years

  4. In middle school I was drawn to history, and thought I would grow up to be a high school history teacher. In college I was a youth ministry intern,and after graduation went on a short term mission to SE Asia. I’ve been a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), foster parent, and am crazy passionate about foster care/adoption/orphan advocacy, and issues of social justice and compassion. Currently I home teach my kids.

  5. Trained as a nurse, but eventually became nurse teacher, and then into training (HR) Now Head of Learning and Development in NHS.

  6. I’ve always been drawn to marketing and communications. I think communicating ideas and the psychological “game” of finding what speaks to a certain demographic is fun. Different clients and the need for different strategies keep it interesting. The creative aspect fills the need for innovation and autonomy.

  7. I have always been drawn to Entrepreneurship + Teaching Adult learners= Motivational Teacher.

  8. I have worked in several professions before pulling them together. Now, I am very challenged and gratified. as an Executive Coach working with senior executives on Intentional Leadership – a program I put together.

    I have a JD, a Masters in Psych, and worked as a government relations consultant (state lobbyist) before synthesizing what I learned (and know) as a coach.

  9. II have my PhD in I-O Psychology, work as a Performance Management Manager for the largest Pharmaceutical company solving performance issues via behaviors, I’m all about solving problems, but the key difference for me is developing a behavioral systems for a performers incremental improvement. Now I would like to focus on organizational performance improvement to improve efficiencies and effectiveness-ultimately creating an organization of highly performing people.

    • As a clinical psychologist, I use my systems thinking and implementation constantly. Each client is different and each therapy session is different. I am motivated by the problem solving nature of the work even though the content is about emotions, human relationships, etc. Clients are impressed that i “get it” so easily that’s the INTj!

  10. Worked in sales for so many years but always focused on the creative aspect of the marketing strategies for clients and what I envisioned working for them. Moved to management and focused on what would work for the organization. Recession layoffs forced me into HR trainer position which has been ideal for me developing the training, and figuring out the follow-through (with the help of my counterparts) for organizational change to make sure the training is applied. Transferred to more of a compliance training 2 years ago but still focused on how it will make the organization more efficient.

  11. I’m a business analyst. as a kid i wanted to be a forensic toxicologist (that was way before the CSI TV shows); i had read a book about forensic science and got really into it. i enjoy finding solutions to complex problems using scientific method & analysis, which makes me sound really dry, but i am a pretty fun person, just always thinking. i enjoy reading about biology and chemistry if it has practical applications, not just for the theoretical information.

  12. I´m 20+ Biologist and current Master student. My passion were always birds and nature sciences. But at the same time I have spent a lot of time in arts and writing as hobby since child.

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