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INFP – Motivated by personal values that are rarely shared

INFP – Motivated by personal values that are rarely shared

Written by Catherine Rains

Those that prefer INFP are driven by Introverted Feeling, which translates into very personal, inner values, that you might not ever see, yet they shape most of their decisions, including which careers they choose. The middle letters taken together (NF), motivates them to make a difference it the world.  However, with Introverted Feeling as the dominant, this value often shows up as a desire to make a profound difference in the lives of the people around them or in the world, but often this is something you won’t see.  They usually choose some type of helping career, or when that’s not possible or practical, will have many philanthropic avocational hobbies to express this need to make a profound difference in the world.

Careers identified as attractive to this type by those that filled out my survey include: Marketing, Human Resources, Veterinarian, Ministry, Missionary, Writer, Journalism, Art, Advertising, Acting, Coaching, Teacher, Dog trainer/breeder, Manage Bed & Breakfast establishments, Bike Shop or Book Store Ownder, Career Counseling, Peace Corps, Non-Profit, and Life Coach.

INFPs: What others careers have you been attracted to?  Please add to the list. We’re looking for the most comprehensive list possible so that others types fully understand what careers feel most natural to those of you who prefer INFP.


  1. Interior Design
    Travel writer

  2. User Experience Designer

  3. I’m a writer at heart, but professionally, I’m studying to be a marriage and family therapist.

  4. Occupational therapy!

  5. I have been in logistics, property management and academic advising, but I am at “home” in career counseling. I also volunteer on the side.

  6. Research scientist

  7. Nurse

  8. Hi Catherine – I just finished the outstanding MBTI certification with you and it changed my life. One classmate suggested “Instructional Design” as a potential career choice for an INFP. Hope that helps!

  9. Counseling – the INFP stays motivated when the dynamics of the field they are in requires extensive continuing education. I love the fact that as a counselor, the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know.

  10. ESL teacher.

  11. I loved one on one tutoring, but didn’t have enough clients to make a living.

  12. I’m an INFP
    My favorite jobs
    Graphic Design, Interior Design, Film Maker, Photographer

  13. I am a Massage Therapist and aa all naturlhealth & wellness for people and dogs

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