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INFJ – I’ve got a vision for how to make the world a better place, and I’ll tell you about it when I’ve thoroughly thought it through

INFJ –  I’ve got a vision for how to make the world a better place, and I’ll tell you about it when I’ve thoroughly thought it through

Written by Catherine Rains

With a dominant of Introverted Intuition, INFJ types will say that they will get a hunch about what to do next, and after they have thought this vision through, they will share it with those that need to know.  However, at this point, it will be very hard to change their minds if you disagree with them.  This type is motivated to make a difference in the world, but often one person at a time, and the kinds of careers they identified reflect this desire:  Bookstore Owner, Librarian (very popular career choice for INFJ types), Writer, Trainer, Teacher, Lawyer and Human Resources.

Call to those of you who prefer INFJ – what others careers have you been attracted to?  The more we add to this list the better and feel free to repeat what is already listed above.  We’re looking for the most comprehensive list possible so that others types fully understand what careers feel most natural to those of you who prefer INFJ.


  1. I have worked as a teacher, artist, artist assistant, EA/PA, as a personal chef, part-time baker, and have added herbalist to the list! It’s taken a while for me to feel like I’ve found my place in the world, but herbalist feels right. I enjoy the one on one aspects to a degree, but feel most fulfilled teaching and talking about herbalism with people who want to learn about it.

    All throughout my life people (especially family) have been puzzled, and sometimes angry, at my “I have a vision, when I’ve thoroughly thought it through, I’ll tell you about it” approach. It’s been interpreted as “stubborn” to some (aka don’t bother trying to change my mind if you disagree with me.)

    (PS – the text in the name/email/website/comment box is far too light – very difficult to read.)

  2. Minister

  3. I am strongly attracted to the social justice field, in particular helping women exit human trafficking. Along with that is a missionary calling. There is one hour throughout my work week that I thoroughly enjoy which is tutoring a Russian woman in English. I prefer one-on-one as opposed to classroom teaching.

  4. I worked as a social worker for seven years and now work in the field of educational assessments. I am also an MBTI Certified Practitioner trying to launch out on my own. I have a website and a blog which really illustrate what you wrote about wanting to change the world one person at a time. I’d love to find some clients through my website. But if someone who lives so far from me that he or she could never be my client reads my blog and it enhances his or her life, I would be happy!

    Gayle Weinraub

    • Hi Gayle. I’m also an INFJ and feel drawn to pursue the career of MBTI Certified Practitioner. I’m currently a communications director for a small non- profit.i do love it but feel drawn to work directly with people. Do you mind sharing what you like and dislike in that position and with whom you work? Thank you so much!

  5. Computer programming

  6. INFJ here- Very attracted to Acting, Teaching, and Writing.

  7. Navy chaplain; pastoral counselor

  8. How about career counselor. I am also a trainer and a life coach

  9. Pastor Counselor as other careers

  10. I’m a Chiropractor. I suspect healthcare fields are popular among INFJs. My F preference is really strong, sometimes it over-rides the I preference. And I do feel the exhaustion of being with people all day, even one one one.

  11. Life Coach!!!!!

  12. Executive coach, leadership consultant (trainer, facilitator) and writer who loves reading, gardening and crafts in my spare time. I work with many fellow coaches/consultants who are also INFJs — the work is a perfect expression of our desire to help people live up to their dreams and potential.

  13. In college I went through all different majors – engineering, art & technology, psychology, but ultimately landed in business because I loved what I had read about marketing. For me, marketing allows the creativity and ideas in my head to be expressed through visuals and text, but at the same time I really feel like I’m contributing to the ‘greater good’ and making a difference for people because I’m helping them understand how our product can make their lives easier, more fulfilling, etc. Marketing also leaves me time to sit and stew over ideas in solitude. In addition, the preference for judging really lends to wanting to plan marketing campaigns and content calendars.

    Interestingly enough, I know someone at my workplace with the same preference who’s in a financial career (something I have never been interested in)- but it really shows you that any type can do anything.

    What was really interesting was we both had taken the Strong Interest Inventory and while my work styles were AES (artistic, enterprising & social), my coworkers’ work style was completely the opposite (RCI). I’d love to ultimately see some correlation statistics on type and Holland’s theory of career choice.

  14. Care Home Manager

  15. I work at a small business doing all the computer and marketing but working here has made me realise that I’d love to run an organisation that I all about social change. I would love to be involved in a bit of everything but be able to set my own rules and lead with my vision.

  16. I am going into social work, with a focus on mental health and therapy. Based on some of the other responses, I think social work and counseling would both be accurate careers to include for INFJS. In the past I have worked as a bookstore clerk, an archaeologist, and in human rights and democratization non-profits. I also spent a long time deciding between trying for a career in creative writing and going back for an MSW.

  17. I guess I fit the mold. My first career was a librarian at a large hospital system. Oddly enough that job brought out my extraversion and introduced me to the fun of 1:1 client interaction and instructing groups (really!). I work for the same company but am now in the training & development department, where I write and facilitate courses and manage programs. I’ve been told that I’m a very “nurturing” facilitator. I hope the next phase of my career will incorporate more coaching and 1:1 interaction (I’m very clear on the Intimate facet). I’ve leaned towards nurturing instruction in my personal life too as I pursue a black belt in tae kwon do and hope to pursue yoga instructor certification. Who knew that the kid who hated speaking up in class grew up to do this?

  18. Psychiatrist/therapist

  19. I am an INFJ who has been a camp coordinator for the city, a salesperson for an outdoor sporting goods store, an event coordinator, a tutor for students with disabilities, a corporate recruiter and an investment advisor.

  20. Counseling Psychologist

  21. I’m a Career Coach and have found it very rewarding as an INFJ.

  22. Marketing!

  23. I am an INFJ web designer/web developer

  24. In my career I have had the good fortune to try many things – Human Resources Manager, Art Gallery Manager, Executive Director of an Arts Organization, Wedding Celebrant and currently I am an Organizational Development Manager and my primary responsibility is leadership development and coaching.

    • How did you get into organizational development, Jill?

  25. Psychologist

  26. I’m a INFJ and a nurse. I feel over whelming grief at times. But I feel a constant pull to help everyone correction EVERYTHING.

  27. After high school I studied to become a 1st grade teacher…until I had a child of my own at 19. For the last 10 years I’ve been a medical biller for highend equipment (MS patients, ALS patients, etc) & then a Federally Qualified Health Center where a majority of patients were indigent.I found great satisfaction in getting services paid for the patients but mostly in educating staff, doctors, IT, and others as my co-workers on guidelines, processes, any education I could provide. I worked on my own time so often creating cheat sheets, researching, just about anything to make all of our jobs easier, patients satisfied, and getting paid for services we provide. I love what I do and am great at it. My issue has always been stress though. I push and push till I fall apart.

  28. I am an INFJ and I am a filmmaker and story design expert. The films my producing partner and I create are for social impact and how we choose to make a difference in the world. Through films, TV and radio programs we are able to give others who are making an impact a way to have their voices heard also.


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