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How do you know when a teacher prefers Intuition?

How do you know when a teacher prefers Intuition?


By Catherine Rains 


Now it’s time to explore behavioral cues and expectations of faculty members who prefer Intuition. I’ve heard the following things from students, faculty, and counselors over the years.


Faculty members with a preference for Intuition:

  • Usually focus on patterns, meanings, possibilities, and future implications of the facts they are teaching and may leave out some facts because they don’t support their theory
  • May provide a broad outline for a syllabus, often jumping from topic to topic based on the questions students ask or the interests of the faculty member
  • May speak in a lyrical, sing-song voice while telling metaphorical stories to make a point
  • Will often use essays, papers, and open-ended test questions as a means of evaluating students’ broader understanding of the topic

How did your list compare to mine? What other behavioral cues and teaching strategies have you noticed from faculty members who prefer Intuition? Please add your comments below.


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