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How do you know when a teacher prefers Introversion?

How do you know when a teacher prefers Introversion?

By Catherine Rains 


Now it’s time to explore behavioral cues and expectations of faculty members who prefer Introversion. I’ve heard the following things from students, faculty, and counselors over the years.



Faculty members with a preference for Introversion:

  • Might lecture 75% or more of every teaching hour
  • Could ask fewer questions that encourage class discussion
  • When initiating class discussion, are more likely to ask students to discuss a topic in groups of two or three
  • When asking the class if they have questions, might pause up to 15 seconds waiting for a response
  • Are generally comfortable with silent pauses in conversation
  • Might speak slower and in a quieter tone, exhibiting a calm and contained demeanor
  • Might stand behind a podium or not move around the room when lecturing
  • Might provide reading material prior to each lecture, and will expect students to have done the reading and prepared well-thought-out questions that demonstrate that they completed the reading assignment
  • Will usually not interrupt students when they are sharing in class
  • Often leave the room immediately after class
  • Are more likely to assign term papers or essays, library or Internet research, or solo or two-person projects
  • Usually prefer to talk to students during scheduled office hours
  • Might not be seen much around campus or eating lunch with more than one other person

How did your list compare to mine? What other behavioral cues and teaching strategies have you noticed from faculty who prefer Introversion? Please add your comments below.

Next week we’ll look at what students can do with this information to be successful in a classroom taught by faculty with their opposite preferences.


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