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Evaluating Career Fit If You Are an Intuitive Type

Evaluating Career Fit If You Are an Intuitive Type

Create a vision of your ideal job and a plan for obtaining it. New career experiences can include building your network, taking on special assignments related to the work you want to do, reading about a new occupation, getting feedback through a formal mentor, or attending a formal learning program.

Intuitive types usually enjoy work environments or career roles that allow for inspiration and creative approaches. They tend to prefer adaptable schedules and work that involves solving new problems. If you are an Intuitive type, here are some questions to consider or ask yourself during the interview process when evaluating a new career choice or work environment:

  • Does the leader and/or team seem open to new ideas?
  • How much routine is expected?
  • How much flexibility does the team have in terms of workspace, hours, location?
  • What are some examples of new, creative approaches the organization has taken to solving problems?
  • Does the organization or team have a clearly stated vision?
  • What future learning opportunities are on the horizon?

Successful career progress begins the moment you create the vision, move from your vision to a career plan, and discuss it with individuals who are in a position to support you.

By: Saundra Stroope
Human Resources Manager, Intermountain Healthcare

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